With INSIGHT you see quality, real-time.

When every minute counts, PUT TIME IN SIGHT
with the INSIGHT System.


Clear focus on event time preserves your team’s sense of urgency and priority throughout the entire care pathway and supports smooth care transitions.


Using the consistent workflow documentation builds confidence that your team knows where to focus to ensure core measure achievement.

Nurse-inspired innovation

The INSIGHT System leverages cutting edge technology to give your team the simple feedback they need to balance their ever-increasing workload. At the same time, cloud-based monitoring and analytics give quality champions the data they need to help your system stay ahead of the curve with health care reform.

What if you could see, at a glance, exactly how long a patient has been waiting for a CT scan? How long since they had last been checked without leaving your patient's side?

Now you can, with a truly cost-effective way to support frontline staff as they deliver the best possible care to the patient. Better data, better care, with INSIGHT.

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